Dawn's Designer Case Study | Posh Residential Spa

Dawn's Designer Case Study | Posh Residential Spa

Soo... Hi everyone and thanks for reading. I've decided to start showing off a few concept designs because occasionally I'll create a design for a project and I don't get to see it through to completion. I designed a beautiful spa recently and I couldn't let the design go to waste, although it's been sufficiently adjusted from the original to more reflect my style and to differentiate it from the clients. You've seen the main image so now I'll show you the rest and I'll talk you through the design.

The space was really compact and the client wanted an entire suite including a steam room, sauna, shower, bath and seating area along with a w/c. This is the sort of challenge interior designers thrive on and I managed to fit in everything they wanted so none of it was too cramped. The space started off as a brick arched shell with concrete floor and a lot of spiders, so there was a grimy but blank canvas on which to work. The back part of the space I used for the steam, sauna and w/c with an open shower in front (you can see it in the picture below) a stud wall in front of that and the bath as you can see in the main image as the focal point when you walk in. The mirror on the wall behind the bath is antiqued mirror by Rough Old Glass with an Aquavision TV integrated so that you could watch TV in the bath. Nice!! The wall covering I've mentioned before in my newsletter is by Lizzo. (SIGN UP HERE if you'd like to get my monthly newsletters with suppliers and tips)

So here you can see the back end of the bath with the stud wall and the seating bench in this visual. The mosaics I used are from Grespania who I love, and the marble floor tiles are from Mandarin Stone which feel great under bare feet. The shower fittings and brassware are from Samuel Heath who have a beautiful range of traditional fittings, all manufactured in the UK.

You can see the whole shower area here with a drencher shower head on the ceiling from Waterfront Bathrooms. This has a nickel finish so that it matches the rest of the brassware. You can see in this visual that it was a tight fit to get everything in but I enjoy spatial challenges and it is a great buzz when everything comes together!

And here you can see the steam, sauna and a bit of the w/c in this image. The steam and sauna are both bespoke items made by Helo. They have a lovely sample of black stained wood which I thought was perfect for the space. I designed all the lighting to be controlled off of a Rako control system so that you could control the mood depending on how you felt. All in all a beautiful space - and a great example of what can be achieved with a very small area. I'll be posting some more design studies every now and then as sources of inspiration. If you have any comments then please do get in touch and do SIGN UP to my mailing list if you'd like to get some interesting snippets every now and again.

Thanks for reading!

Dawn xx